Scrimmage Rules



A scrimmage is a practice that is a SIMULATED CONTEST. In scrimmages:

  1. both squads use the same field simultaneously with both coaches making corrections and giving instruction to players as they would do during their own practice,
  2. game rules must be altered

Soccer Scrimmages:

  • a soccer scrimmage may not exceed a total of 100 minutes and unlimited substitutions are permitted.
  • no definite time is set for scrimmage periods; the length of time for the periods of play is to be determined by the coaches, not to exceed 40 minutes in any one period: halves, three periods or quarters.
  • scoreboards may be used for timekeeping only.
  • the clock will begin with the goal keeper in possession of the ball; when a goal is scored, play will be restarted with goalie possession. The goalie can restart play with a goal kick, goalie throw or goalie punt
  1. no official score is kept,
  2. no admission is charged.
  3. the use of officials would be permitted and encouraged whenever possible for the purpose of instruction regarding the rules and proper application of rules.


A school is limited to three interschool practice sessions/scrimmages which, if conducted, may be held at any time after minimum practice requirements and previous to the last scheduled contest.

By sectional approval, in cases where officials are not available for contests and all avenues of obtaining certified officials have been exhausted, additional scrimmages are permissible as replacements to the scheduled contests. Interschool practice sessions/ scrimmages are governed by the same hours to elapse between such sessions/scrimmages as for regularly scheduled contests with the exception of football.

NOTE: For the 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 school years, with Section/league approval, up to 50% of the maximum number of games permitted for each modified level sport may be designated as scrimmages. (Example: 14 games schedule, 50% (7) could be scrimmages plus 7 games for a total of 14. Under this option, if a contest is converted to a scrimmage, the scrimmage would count toward the 50%.)

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